Tech guidelines

In order to facilitate community life and enable students to get the most out of their time at L’Abri, we have a few guidelines of which to be aware. While some of these may seem compromising at first, we have found that the majority of students thrive in an atmosphere that emphasizes real life connection.

SMART PHONES – Please keep your device on flight mode at all times. For occasional emails (or looking up that Salty-Caramel-Brownie-recipe), please use the office space. See more details here. Turn on only wi-fi while studying in order to connect to the lecture server.

INTERNET – There’s access to a communal computer with internet during evening hours and days off (for a small fee). Perhaps get a web-based email before your visit. Wi-Fi is  available in nearby café’s on days off. Please show courtesy as you do.

LAPTOPS – Consider to leave it at home. From experience, laptops end up distracting from the matters at hand. Coming to L’Abri, you are setting aside a period of time to focus on important questions related to the meaning and significance of life. Laptops and tablets will not necessarily further this objective. If you still choose to bring one, we will store it safely for you and make it available on days off (Thursdays and Sunday afternoons).

TECH SABBATH – As gadgets have become little computers, there are concerns as to how to make use of these during your stay at L’Abri. We ask that you carefully consider down-scaling tech use while you are here. Distractions from technology can have quite the negative effect on the time you set aside for study, community and solitude. If you have been advised a break from technology, please let us know in advance.

BRING A CAMERA – The views are stunning year round.

DETAILS Please see our rough guide to technology for further details.