Food at L’Abri is offered in the context of hospitality. The workers and students offer a meal within a worker’s home, made with care and creativity for a group of people invited to a meal table. One meal is prepared and offered.We recognize that people have serious food allergies, and our desire is to offer hospitality to these people within the limitations that we have. We will therefore endeavor to make meals (or a meal option) that is appropriate for people with medically diagnosed gluten or lactose intolerance or who have chosen to be vegetarian. We will also endeavor to make appropriate meals for those with serious life-threatening allergies to food-stuffs (i.e., peanut allergy) and will make it clear if meals have such food content. Beyond this, we cannot cater every mealtime for other dietary requirements or preferences.

If you have other requirements than the ones listed above, then this need not prevent you from staying at L’Abri, but you may need to supplement the meals offered with your own bought food. We have a student fridge, kettle, and microwave where food can be stored and prepared. Students do not have access to the L’Abri kitchen for their own private meal preparation.

We ask all students when they apply to come to L’Abri to let us know about any special food requirements before they come. This way we can plan ahead and also enter into dialogue with you if you have an unusual food requirement.

For further information, see our Frequently Asked Questions