Metaphor and Worldview by Aaron Fortune


A look at the notion of metaphor, informed by the work of Lakoff and Johnson, and what it adds to the how we understand systems of belief.

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Grappling with Grace — Richard Bradford Swiss L'Abri

Grace is something we talk about all the time and is central to the Christian message. But it is all too often not our lived reality. This episode is a wrestling with that tension and a call to better understand the love of God in the face of our legalism and perfectionism.
  1. Grappling with Grace — Richard Bradford
  2. Metaphor and Worldview – Aaron Fortune
  3. Singleness and Disenfranchised Grief – Katrina Fortune
  4. On Living in the Desert – Jacob Marques Rollison
  5. Is God a Social Construct? – Dave Friedrich

On Living in the Desert by Jacob Marques Rollison


This guest lecture examines what we may learn from looking at the theme of desert in the Bible. To do this, Dr. Marques Rollison presents a look at a newly published essay by the late french theologian Jacques Ellul. (Q&A at end of talk).

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Imagination and Hope by Aaron Fortune




Our imaginations are things that we talk about a lot, but sometimes its hard to take them seriously. We will look at how they are important to our lives and their role in our ability to see hope or despair in situations. Also, there a discussion about Hume, Kant, and some assorted poets if that’s interesting to you.

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Irony, Cynicism & Hope by Richard Bradford

Swiss-Labri-podcast-logoWe live in a society that many of us feel leaves much to be improved. As we are trying to imagine a better world, we can get trapped and discouraged. We can become cynical and even hateful. This is all the more frustrating when hatred is one of the things that we are trying to fight against. There are no easy answers to this, but the ideas in this lecture can be helpful reminders when thinking of these things.

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Coping with Depression by Prisca Sandri



This episode is the personal reflection of former worker Prisca Sandri on her depression and how she advises others who also struggle.

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Resources for Grappling with Suffering (Interview with Katrina Fortune)



In this episode we have an interview discussing the topic of suffering. This includes reviews of a couple of books on the topic and also a discussion of things that can help or not help when times are tough.

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A Sociological Approach to Doubt/De-conversion with Dr. John Marriott



This week we are pulling out a lecture that was given last summer by one of our  guest lecturers, Dr. John Marriott. Professor Marriott teaches at Biola University and has done some very interesting work on the sociology of religion. This lecture addresses what he has discovered through studying the reasons people have left the Christian faith. For more info about Dr. Marriott and his work check out his website

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If you are curious about the discussion episode mentioned in the launch post, we are shelving that for now. Feel free however to discuss in the comments below.


Podcast: Boredom by Richard Bradford


Submit discussion questions for our next episode in comments below.

Why are we so bored? What does this mean for us spiritually? How do we respond to boredom and where does it come from?

In this lecture we begin to try to grapple with answers to these questions.

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