Life in Bellevue

A big part of L’Abri life is living in community with each other in Chalet Bellevue. The rooms in Bellevue sleep either two, four, or five people, and each room is separated by gender. All meals are taken together, many of them in Chalet Bellevue. During free time, students tend to congregate in Bellevue’s lounge – playing games or ping pong, having discussions, playing music, etc. – or spend time in nature, looking at the view from the chalet’s balcony, walking through the town and surrounding woods, or hiking one of the many hills and mountains.

Everyone also spends time in other L’Abri homes in the community for meals and work. A number of these meal times, often midday, are used for discussion — we call these “formal” lunches. These are intended to give people an opportunity to raise questions concerning studies, the bi-weekly lectures, or other things as they may come up.

For additional information on what to expect from life in Bellevue and some tasty aspects community life, see the Meals page.