Welcome to Swiss L’Abri

Welcome to Swiss L’Abri

Situated in the French-speaking Swiss Alps, L’Abri is French for “the shelter”. For over 60 years, L’Abri has created space for people of all different backgrounds and nationalities to receive honest answers to honest questions, engage in community, and pursue truth. Many have come to study and are surprised to find rest, close bonds with others and a new perspective on culture as well. Those who call L’Abri home welcome all who walk through the door, regardless of faith or personal history, and desire to show them the love of Jesus Christ.


Created in 1955 by Francis and Edith Schaeffer, L’Abri is an international study center and residential community, while also being a permanent home to several residents. Today L’Abri is staffed by a group of single people and families living and working in five chalets located in the small Alpine village of Huémoz, Canton of Vaud, overlooking the Rhone valley and a magnificent view of the Alps. From Geneva it is an hour and a half hour train ride to the town of Aigle, followed by a winding trip by bus up the mountainside to L’Abri.

We emphasize a biblical, Christ-centered approach to life and learning; hospitality; cultural awareness, analysis and, where necessary, critique; growth in community with God and one another, through the power of the Spirit.

People come to L’Abri with a variety of questions. Some are simply trying to see whether “truth” exists at all. Others are exploring areas related to apologetics, or are trying to understand how to think about popular culture and art in light of biblical truth. Still others are seeking guidance on relationships and community living. L’Abri is a space dedicated to exploring these ideas, rooted in the firm belief that questions and problems regarding God and faith can be discussed rationally, without having to resort to a leap in the dark.

We appreciate your interest in Swiss L’Abri and welcome you to our website. If you don’t find the information you need here please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Visiting lecturers:

  • “There are all too few places these days to be able to ask serious questions … may Huemoz thrive in being such a place.”

    Dr. Os Guinness, social critic

  • “L’abri makes room for seekers and searchers, evincing both spiritual and intellectual hospitality.”

    James K.A. Smith

  • “L’Abri is one of those amazing communities that give students numerous opportunities to be moved, even while remaining still”

    Henry Luttikhuizen, Professor of Art History