Richard and Karen Bradford

Richard and Karen Bradford were married in 1994 in British Columbia, Canada. They have two children, Alexis is 18 and Simon is 15. They live and work in Chalet Bourdonnette.

Richard was born in Toronto and raised in a number of places around Southern Ontario. He completed his undergraduate degree in philosophy at Trinity Western University and his Masters degree at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Richard spent quite a few years painting houses before completing his education. He returned with his family in January, 2000 and he and Karen became workers in January, 2001.
Karen was born and raised in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. Karen has completed a number of college diploma courses. She graduated in 1988 from a two-year diploma course in Leisure and Recreation Management; in 1991 she completed a diploma in Long Term Care Aid; and in 1994 graduated with a diploma as a registered massage therapist. For three years she ran her own massage therapy clinic in Vancouver. She attended Swiss L’Abri as a student in 1993 and returned with Richard, Alexis and Simon in January, 2000.



Amelia and Per-Ole Lind

Amelia came to L’Abri for the first time in 2007 after studying English literature, teaching and math at the University of Tennessee. Before volunteering and working for L’Abri, she worked as an administrator for Redeemer Church of Knoxville. Prior to this, she worked for a newspaper, a record store and the legendary Martha Bog’s Bistro in Knoxville, Tennessee.
Per-Ole has a background in magazines and graphic design, having worked in Denmark, Japan and the US. Per-Ole visited L’Abri the first time in 2008. His lectures at L’Abri focus mainly (but not entirely) on art-related topics. For Sunday Bible studies, he includes biblical paintings to open up the conversation. Per-Ole recently won an Orchids Award for a mural painting in Knoxville, Tennessee.



Steve Bullock

Steve is originally from Connecticut and is a retired military officer. He is a graduate of the United States Military Academy, and earned a Master of Science in telecommunications from the University of Colorado. Since November 2015 he has visited L’Abri as often as possible, including two terms as a helper. He joined the team as a worker during the 2017 summer term. Steve lives and works in Chalet Bellevue, helping to coordinate the day-to-day activities of the L’Abri community.