Current dates


Winter 2022: Jan 6 – Mar 28 (81 nights)
Summer 2022: May 12 – Aug 8 (88 nights)
Fall 2022: Sep 8 – Dec 5 (88 nights)


Winter 2023: Jan 9 – Apr 7 (88 nights)
Summer 2023: May 18 – Aug 14 (88 nights)
Fall 2023: Sep 14 – Dec 11 (88 nights)

Travel during COVID (updated on the 21st of March 2022)

Please see our Covid Info/FAQ

We recommend a full term to give you enough time to study, reflect and engage deeper in community life.

3 or 4 weeks might help you find rest and inspiration.

A shorter visit, can give you an idea about the place, before a potential longer commitment. We recommend to stay a week and a minimum of 3 nights – fewer makes it hard to get a feel of the rhythm and the place.

In between terms: Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate during breaks. Please work your travel plans around the dates above.*

*(On rare occasions we make room in one of the apartments on the L’Abri grounds during term breaks for sightseeing purposes. Please contact us using the form on the Reservations page to inquire about this possibility).

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