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Fall 2019: 15 October – 9 December


Winter 2020: January 6 – March 23
Spring 2020: Apr 28 – Jun 29
Summer 2020: Jul 21 – Sep 14
Fall 2020: Oct 6 – Dec 7

It is always best to make reservations in advance, as our space is limited. To request a new reservation, please fill the contact form below, as well as some information about yourself and why you would like to come. Have you studied at a college/university? If so, where did you study and what was your focus? If you have been working, at what job?

In case you have to cancel, it would be a great help if you contact us quickly, so that we can make space available for others.

Please reconfirm your reservation with us two weeks prior to your arrival.

Student fees:

50 Swiss francs for 3 nights or fewer (per night).
40 Swiss francs for stays from 4 nights to 8 weeks (per night).
35 Swiss francs per night for a full term or over 56 nights

These fees include a Swiss tourist tax of 5 Swiss francs per person, per night.

Under 18? Unfortunately, Swiss law does not allow us to accept students under 18 years of age. We are, however, looking forward to seeing you when you round that corner.

Se more details on tuition, and advance payment here.

Contact form:

Please note it may take a few days to process your reservation. Thank you for your patience!