One of the major principles of L’Abri is that we pray that God would support the work in its various needs. We do not fund raise or ask for donations. There is nothing wrong with this, yet we believe God has led L’Abri in a different manner. Our aim in offering the possibility of online donations is simply to facilitate gift giving for our donors, not to ask for funds.

Donation options

Bank transfer to our Swiss account

Please note: Our account info has been updated. Do not use the old account number and organization name.

• From any international or Swiss bank, with Swiss francs (CHF) as destination currency
• Here is our bank information:

Account NameFondation de la Communauté L’Abri
Bank AddressBanque Cantonale Vaudoise 1001 Lausanne, Switzerland,
 at the branch in 1884 Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland
IBANCH74 0076 7000 E553 4758 4
NotesPlease include a note giving your name.

(For the moment we are not able to offer US- tax receipts for any donations into our BCV Account as of Dec 13. Please donate through one of our other means of giving.)

Find it complicated to transfer from your bank?

Many students and visitors have found Wise to be a helpful resource for international bank transfers ( or on their App iPhone or Android). Their low fees and user-friendly website make the process much easier and economical.

Here is the information required by Wise:

Email address :

Name of the charity: Fondation de la Communaute LAbri (please enter this name exactly)

Recipient’s Address :
Country : Switzerland
City : Huémoz
Address : Route de Villars 89
Postal code : 1884

IBAN : CH74 0076 7000 E553 4758 4 (Yes, there is a E in there)

Donations in US dollars

Paypal online payments (US Dollars only)

• Paypal has a 2.2 % service fee
• Payments can be made to
• Please include a note that specifies “Swiss L’Abri donation”
• Paypal offers an automated recurring payment option

Donate Here:
Donate with PayPal

Some donors require our Employee Identification Number (EIN). It is here for your reference: 51-6017949

For Our Canadian Donors

You may now send gifts for the Swiss L’Abri through the Canadian L’Abri – you will then receive a tax receipt for your Donation. Please don’t send the gift directly to Swiss L’Abri, if you would like to receive a tax receipt. It must go to Canadian L’Abri for it to be tax deductible in Canada. Please NOTE on your PayPal (through the Canadian L’Abri website), Bank Transfer, or Cheque: “For Swiss L’Abri”. For further information please use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Other Options

There are a number of ways to make a donation other than online through PayPal. These are listed here for your convenience.

Bank Transfer (Wells Fargo)
Note: Our Wells Fargo information changed in March 2016. If you need updated information, use the contact form below. For details on how to donate by bank transfer to the American bank that L’Abri uses, Wells Fargo, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page. Be sure to mention in the notes that this is a donation for “Swiss L’Abri”.

Personal Check
If you would like to donate by personal check, make it out to “L’Abri Fellowship Foundation” with “Swiss L’Abri” or “Huémoz” in the subject line. You may send checks either to the Rochester branch (marked for Swiss branch use) or directly to the Swiss branch. For checks sent to Rochester: If you would like the funds to be used for the Swiss branch, please clearly mark this on the check and on any other notes or materials you include with the check.

Rochester Branch Address:
L’Abri Fellowship
1465 12th Ave NE Rochester, MN
United States of America

Swiss Branch Address:
Chalet Bellevue
Route de Villars 89
1884 Huémoz

Tax-free receipts for gifts meant specifically for the work of the Swiss branch are available for American donors when the gifts are sent either to Huémoz or to the Rochester address with with a note specifying its designation. For Canadian Donors see here.

Contact us concerning donations: