Our Students

A wide variety of people come to stay with us for many different reasons. Some arrive with personal issues, or are not Christians and want to know more. Others want to learn how to better interpret the Bible as well as understand from a Christian perspective the world and cultures within which we live. Others come to work through theological or philosophical controversies. All are welcome. Everyone who comes brings their own special contribution to the community.

People come to L’Abri for varied lengths of time – some for a few days and others for the whole term, which is usually around 8-10 weeks. Short stays have the value of giving an opportunity to experience community life and for getting a feel for the teaching and materials available here. Longer periods permits a greater integration into the life of the community and a more sustained period of working through questions, problems and issues, whether theological, philosophical, personal, etc.

Unfortunately, due to Swiss law, we are not allowed to accept anyone under 18 years old.

For more information on what the work/study balance look like, click here