There are four main emphases in the teaching of L’Abri.

First, that Christianity is objectively true and that the Bible is God’s written word to humankind. This means that biblical Christianity can be rationally defended and honest questions are welcome.

Second, because Christianity is true it speaks to all of life. Much of the material produced by L’Abri has been aimed at helping develop a Christian perspective on the arts, politics, the social sciences and other areas.

Third, true spirituality affects and involves the whole person – body, mind, emotions and spirit. Thus, by grace we are free to be fully human in our relationship with God, worshiping, serving, and enjoying Him with our whole lives, not simply seeking a higher spiritual plane of understanding or emphasizing spiritual life to the detriment of the other aspects of our being.

Fourth, the reality of the Fall is taken seriously. Until Christ returns we and the world we live in will be affected by the disfigurement of sin. Although the place of the mind is emphasized, L’Abri is not a place for “intellectuals only”. We are as concerned with living as we are with thinking and from the beginning our concern has been that truth is exhibited as much in our everyday lives as it is defended in discussion.

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