For those looking to learn more about L’Abri and engage with some of the most commonly-discussed topics and ideas, we have compiled a list of resources below. For students who will be attending L’Abri, we recommend that you read at least one of the books listed here before your arrival. This should help you focus your potential areas of study, begin the thinking process before you arrive, and to help you gain an understanding of the type of learning and discussion taking place here.

Thoughtful and critical engagement is encouraged when reading any of these recommended books or articles.

Our recommendations of non-L’Abri material come with a caveat. We do not necessarily endorse or agree with the all of the content within these publications, but include them for your interest and reflection. They should be considered important works be aware of concerning our world, culture and the Christian faith.

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Francis Schaeffer
  • True Spirituality
  • Trilogy: The God Who Is There/Escape From Reason/He Is There and He Is Not Silent
  • The Complete Works of Francis Schaeffer (5 Volume Set)
  • Other Books by Francis Shaeffer
Edith Schaeffer
  • L’Abri
  • The Life of Prayer
  • The Hidden Art of Homemaking
  • What Is A Family?
  • Other Books by Edith Shaeffer
Dick Keyes
  • Beyond Identity: Finding Your Way in the Image and Character of God
  • Chameleon Christianity: Moving Beyond Safety and Conformity
  • Seeing Through Cynicism: A Reconsideration of the Power of Suspicion
  • Other Books by Dick Keyes
Os Guinness
  • The Call: Finding and fulfilling the central purpose of your life
  • Dining with the Devil: The Megachurch Movement Flirts with Modernity
  • When No One Sees: The Importance of Character In An Age of Image
  • Other books by Os Guinness
Richard Winter
Greg Laughery
Wim Rietkerk
Jerram Barrs
Ellis Potter

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