November prayer letter

We are coming to the end of the term, and we are soon saying goodbye to students. We have had a really great term, and it has been really encouraging for us. We have seen so many people grow and change. It has been a real privilege. Please pray that these last days will continue to go well and that the students who are soon leaving will be able to take away lasting experiences. Pray also that they would be able to continue on the path that they started here.

Please pray for us as it relates to numbers for next term. Things were nice and quite full this month, but we have some really low numbers for parts of next term. This is hard for us. In part because often it is the students’ relationships to each other that God really uses in the work here, but also because the lack of student fees adds financial stress. This kind of thing happens, but still please pray that the money that we need comes in. Also, we are having a day of prayer and fasting this Monday. This will be a time where we will offer up these concerns to God. Feel free to join us in this in your own contexts.

Of course this is not the only concern that we have, and we will trust that God will continue to provide. Please join us in thanking Him for His continued provision, and for the people that keep choosing to come here. We have just enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving meal and it was really special time for us.

Also join us in thanking God for a very generous gift that came in this month for the Bradford’s boiler. It will cover a chunk of the expenses, but still we are short of what we need. Please continue to pray for this need. Being without properly working heat is a bit of a struggle.

It is a comfort to be able to reach out to all of you. Thank you for your prayers. Even with the focus that we have always had here on prayer, it is easy to turn more to our strength than God’s. Pray that we would keep our eyes on him. Having all of you as a praying community helps us to remember where our strength really comes from.

Summary for your prayer lists

• Give thanks for the richness of this term.

• Give thanks for the growth in students lives.

• Please pray for the students God wants to come next term.

• Please pray for our finances.

• Please pray the God would be close to us who work here.


Aaron Fortune