Nashville L’Abri event

This coming July, our dear friends Dave and Anna from the Southborough L’Abri, will be lecturing at the Nashville L’Abri conference!

If you’re unable to take time to visit L’Abri for a longer time, this conference (plus the one in Rochester every February) is a great opportunity to get a feel of what it’s like.

If you’ve been to L’Abri before, this is a great chance to revisit the salty atmosphere of engaging discussion on contemporary, difficult topics.

It’s also a chance to meet and talk with some current L’Abri heavy weights. See a line-up of the topics below.

Conference site here. Facebook page here.


  • Sexuality
    • Bodies with Meaning: Christianity’s Liberating Sex Ethic
    • What Does the Bible Have to Tell Us About Sexual Harassment and #MeToo?
    • Cultivating a Hopeful Imagination in a Pornified Culture
  • Relationships
    • Becoming Less Fragile: Self-control as Inner Dominion
    • How to be a Better Lover: Attention in a Distracted World
    • Staying Human in a Smartphone Culture
    • Living with Loss, Legos, and Laundry
    • Living with Contradictory Expectations: A Meditation on “Let it Go” and Other Inspirational Breakup Songs
    • Grief and Anger: Appropriate Responses at the Tomb of Lazarus, in Dylan Thomas’ Poem “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night”, and in Our Own Lives
  • Community
    • America’s Polarized Politics: Can Christians have a Redemptive Role?
    • The Ark of Speech: How Far Does Our Hospitality Go?
    • Pursuing Freedom in a Culture of Choice
    • Early Peacemaking: Can Conflict be Outmaneuvered Before it Starts?