Student hallway renovation

Long overdue, the Bellevue student hallway is getting an overhaul. Sanded at the long stretch and new carpet for the mid and helper section.

We wondered whether we needed new floorboards, but discovered, that the hardwood floor underneath was in healthy condition. It needed some care along cracks and gaps, but really ads flavour and life to the busy space.

Rather than a extensive take, we opted for a lighter sanding, allowing the grain to stand out in a “raw” fashion:

We hope to push forward with more renovation of the dear old house. It needs all the love it can get 🙂

Strong, but homey carpet carefully put in place, by the help of a skilled student.

Tech guide – 2018 update

In this digital age, technology has become private – that makes it difficult to set a framework for good and timely usage. It does, however, influence how we relate on a personal and on a community level. For those reasons, please consider the following:

1. Keep tech on “Flight-Mode” at all times
Exception: Office space (See below).
During study time, only switch on Wi-Fi, to connect to the lecture server.

2. Thank you for not using technology during
Meals, lectures, discussions, chapel and meetings.

3. Please carefully consider use
After 10pm (Screen light severely disturbs sleeping patterns).
During conversation (People and face-to-face are more important).

4. Sacred spaces (Tech-free zones)
The lounge
The dining room

5. Designated space
The office. We encourage to cover the majority of communication here.
Please limit your time to cover the most necessary needs.
Feel free to use to use your Laptop in Farel house on days off.

6. Tech Sabbath
We recommend some students to take a break from tech, while at L’Abri.
For others, it is a helpful chance to downscale. Please respect these efforts, thank you.

7. Cameras are welcome
When in doubt, please ask if your fellow students are okay with photos.