Podcast: Boredom by Richard Bradford


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Why are we so bored? What does this mean for us spiritually? How do we respond to boredom and where does it come from?

In this lecture we begin to try to grapple with answers to these questions.

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Listen here:

3 thoughts on “Podcast: Boredom by Richard Bradford

    • Tina

      Thank you Richard for this interesting lecture. I experienced the subject of bordom linked to addiction prevention in a kindergarten in Switzerland where I worked. For three months all toys were removed and the children were left with only the furniture, pieces of cloth, and their own imagination. Slowly the children became more and more creative as chairs became boats, cars and horses. Tables became forts and castles and the children became knights, princesses and all sorts of creatures. We teachers were to observe and not to intervene and had previously taught the kids to deal with conflict among themselves. It was an amazing three months and many continued to role play for weeks even after the toys came back. I believe it is a valuable practice to start early in childhood and helps against bordom.

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