Practical guidelines

In order to facilitate community life and enable students to get the most out of their time at L’Abri, we have several guidelines of which to be aware. While some of these may seem challenging at first, we have found that the majority of students thrive in an atmosphere that emphasizes conservation and limits on technology.

INTERNET – Limited access to a communal computer with access to the internet is made available to students in Chalet Bellevue during evening hours and days off. This is provided for a small charge as a convenience to students, and time is limited so as not to infringe on or take away from the community aspect that makes L’Abri what it is. We suggest that those wishing to send and receive email during their stay here establish a web-based email account prior to arriving. There is no Wi-Fi available to students on site at L’Abri, though students are welcome to use Wi-Fi in one of the nearby towns on their days off.

LAPTOPS – We ask that you not bring a laptop to L’Abri. You will not need it here. To be sure we have nothing against technology, but from our point of view and experience, laptops all too often end up detracting from the matters at hand. To highlight just one of these: in coming to L’Abri, you are setting aside a period of time to focus on important questions related to the meaning and significance of life. A laptop will not help further this objective while you’re at L’Abri. After reading this if you still choose to bring a laptop we will store it safely for you upon your arrival, and it will be made available for your use only on Thursdays and Sunday afternoons (days off).

GADGETS – See comments above. As gadgets have become little computers, there are concerns as to how to make use of these during a stay at L’Abri. Please see our rough guide to technology to read more.

PHONE ACCESS – We are sensitive to the desire to connect with family and friends while studying at L’Abri. The student computer can be used to this end. Students also often set up times to Skype during their days off, generally from their mobile devices using Wi-Fi in one of the nearby towns.

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS – We warmly recommend that you make reservations before you arrive since our bed spaces are limited. We also ask that if you have dietary needs, especially because of medically-diagnosed allergies, that you inform us before your stay. Also, in order to help keep costs under control, we ask that students take only two showers per week.

For more on food, allergies and special requests, see Meals