For artists

Art does not merely add form and beauty to our surroundings. It is an intrinsic part of the Christian life to be creative, as we’re shaped in the image of a creative God.

To put that understanding into action, we have a relatively new addition to our spaces at L’Abri: a small studio where students can work on creative projects during their time here.

Poulet Studio

A Christian definition of art cannot be not limited to that of Greco-Roman aesthetics. We therefore welcome music, crafts, writing and other areas of creativity into this space.

Only requirement is, that you consider yourself a creative and that you have a project that you’re currently working on. During the term, we ask that you keep your tutor updated on your work.

If you’re interested, please let us know as you make your reservation.

We are grateful for the support from Will Lyon, Janice Kwan, Heidy Chuang, the Hengelaar-Rookmakers and others, that have helped shape Poulet Studio.