Technology at L’Abri – a rough guide

In this digital age, technology has become private – that makes it difficult to set directions for for good and timely usage. It does, however, influence how we relate on a personal and on a community level. Technology can no longer be called “neutral”. For these reasons, we would appreciate guests an students to consider the following:


1. Please don’t use technology during:
• Meals
• Lectures
• Discussions
• work crews

2. Please carefully consider gadget use:
• During study time (Perhaps download lectures and listen on flight-mode)
• During conversation (People and face-to-face are more important).

3. Tech-free zones:
• All of 1st floor in Bellevue. (Computer-room excepted)
• The lounge and dining hall are considered no-tech sanctuaries.
• If you want to show photos, please use the computer room.

4. Goodnight, tech:
• From January 2018, we ask that devices will be set to flight mode at 22:00 (10pm)

Further notes:
• Some families might have gadget-baskets out during lunch. Please park Precious here, when available.
• We do recommend some students to take a break from tech, while at L’Abri.
For others, it is a welcoming chance to downscale. Please respect these efforts, thank you.